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Stonewall Brigade (Poster)
Stonewall Brigade (Poster)
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    The 29th Division's 116th Regiment, officially nicknamed the "Stonewall Brigade", landed on Omaha Beach on June 6,1944. They were tasked with spearheading the Allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France. Coming ashore grossly overloaded and seasick, they struggled through the rough surf, mined beach obstacles, murderous machine gun fire, and unyielding artillery to reach their intended objectives. With a heritage that is traced back to the American Civil War, the "Stonewallers" upheld their proud legacy of courage and valor.

    The print is framed to full conservation standards to include original barbed wire recovered from Pointe-Du-Hoc and mounted on sand recovered from Omaha Beach, alongside the signature of a veteran who fought for the 'Stonewall Brigade':